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2018 Read to Be Ready Flyer

Read to be Ready - Summer Camp
June 4 - 29, 2018

Announcing a new summer literacy program for Tennessee's Deaf and Hard of hearing children who are in rising k-3 grades! The summer program will be held at the Tennessee School for the Deaf (TSD) in Knoxville Tennessee, June 2-29, Mondays through Fridays 8 am to 1230 pm.

The focus of this program is to improve and/or accelerate literacy skills in our Deaf and Hard of Hearing children. Transportation can be arranged, if the family needs it, within a 45 mile radius of TSD. Student will be engaged in local field trips and then be engaged in reading and writing activities associated with the trip. We feel that this will help the stories come alive to the students.

This program is designed for deaf and hard of hearing children who are enrolled in any public, private and charter educational programs within the state of Tennessee. The students' only eligibility for the purpose of benefitting from this program would only need to be deaf or hard of hearing, enrolled in a school with an IEP or a 504 and reside in the state of Tennessee. Students do not need to be already enrolled at TSD to benefit from this summer program.

Who can register: Deaf and/or Hard of Hearing children with an IEP, who are already enrolled in school and live in Tennessee

Purpose of Program: To ensure that Deaf and Hard of Hearing children have an early start or access to intervention that will develop, strengthen and promote strong English and reading skills (literacy). Literacy skills have long been a challenge among deaf and hard of hearing children. We are capitalizing on this opportunity to address this early on and removing obstacles to acquiring strong language skills as early as possible.

For more Information, Please contact Theron Strickland via or 865-579-2497

Theron Strickland
Tennessee School for the Deaf
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