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The Middle School Math Department
Tennessee’s State Mathematics Standards
Tennessee’s mathematics standards for instruction apply to all mathematics courses in all grades K-12. These standards set high expectations for all students to ensure that Tennessee graduates are prepared for the rigorous demands of mathematical understanding for college and career.
Math Instructional Curriculum
The middle school math classes utilize Glencoe Math textbooks and IXL for both Mathematical Content and Mathematical Practices. The lesson goals are to develop problem solving skills, apply mathematics as communication, develop math reasoning, and make math connections. The students use this series to develop problem solving approaches to investigate and understand mathematical content, apply multi-step problems, model situations, and establish independent thinking related to deductive and inductive reasoning.

The middle school resource class incorporates IXL, Attainment’s, math stations, real-world projects, and cross-curricular work involving activities of daily living. Manipulatives are used to help students work with money, time, schedules, and problem solving.

Math Assessments
All of the middle school students take the Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) three times a year as their District Assessment in Mathematics as well as Language, Reading and Science. The test is administered on the computer, which allows for a personalized assessment experience by adapting to each student’s learning level—precisely measuring student progress and growth. Essential information about what each student knows and is ready to learn is available within 24 hours. Teachers utilize the test results from the four strands of math (Operations and Algebraic Thinking, The Real and Complex Number Systems, Geometry, & Statistics and Probability) to differentiate instruction and guide classroom lessons.
TNReady is Tennessee’s new and improved TCAP test for English language arts and math in grades 3-11, and it replaces the old TCAP tests for those subjects starting in the 2015-16 school year. The TNReady TCAP will provide all of us – educators, parents, and students – with better information about our students’ progress toward college and career readiness. TNReady will be a major transition – the most significant change in our state testing since 1983. While it is absolutely essential to the overall and long-term growth of our students, these changes will likely bring challenges – as well as opportunities to learn. To help prepare, the link below contains a variety of information and resources.
Multi-State Alternative Assessment
Based on the IEP Team decision, eligible students will participate in the Multi-State Alternative Assessment (MSAA), formerly known as the National Center and State Collaborative (NCSC), in lieu of the TNReady battery of tests. The MSAA is administered to qualified Middle School students grades 6-8.

For more information on MSAA, including parent tips, tools, and sample items: http://ncscpartners.org/news/ncsc-project-transition-to-the-multi-state-alternate-assessment-states

Math Happenings
Middle School Projects
Middle School projects are developed and applied when appropriate and meaningful to the curriculum. Projects give students the opportunity to learn how to collect data, organize data, use graphs, and display information in a graph format and make a connection to the world.
Our Teachers

B.A., Elementary Education- West Virginia Wesleyan College, 2001
M.S., Deaf Education- Bloomsburg University, 2006
Start date: August 2011
Math 6-8
Anni Hollenbeck
B.S., Deaf Education and Elementary Education- Vanderbilt University, 2011
Start date: August 2011
MS Resource: E/LA, science, SS, math, life skills
Shannon Quinn

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