Tennessee School for the Deaf - Knoxville
Language Arts at TSD
Middle School
Assessment Practice
MAP testing
Interactive lessons and quizzes that teach and practice MAP goals from RIT Ranges 170-220+
Sentence Correction Test Preparation
Great practice for ACT and End of Course Exams
Grammar Test Preparation
Great practice for ACT and End of Course Exams
Multiple links for EOC practice
These are numerous links to practice and teach EOC content. This site is aligned with Florida's EOC, but there are many common standards.
3-8 Achievement
3-8 Grade Item Samplers and Practice Tests
ACT Practice
Online ACT and SAT practice. This site allows parents, teachers, and counselors to monitor a student's progress by viewing real-time reports.
ASL Tutorials, Dictionaries, and Stories
Sign Me a Lesson
12 multiple meaning word lessons signed in ASL
American Sign Language Library
Sign video clips from embeOutreach
Sign dictionary including religious signs and idioms
American Sign Language Browser
Michigan State University's online dictionary
ASL University
Online curriculum resource including dictionary - not a true university
Signing Savvy
Online dictionary, especially Geography
Idioms (English & ASL)
from ASLPro.com - click on "ASL Idioms" or "English Idioms I", "II", "III", or "IV"
1001 Books in ASL
Books signed in ASL
American Sign Language Resource Guide
Learning ASL and Deaf Culture
Reading Comprehension
English for Everyone
1st - 12th grade passages
Have Fun Teaching
1st - 8th grade passages
Mr. Nussbaum
1st - 6th grade + passages with interactive multiple choice questions
Big Universe
This is a cyber-space library which TSD subscribes to. Our librarian, Sam Carter, has set up all of the students with their own accounts so that they can access books online from any internet site.


English Maven
Passages range from beginning to advanced. Most of the activities are online and interactive but some are available to print.
K12 Reader
1st grade - 10th grade passages
Book Adventure
This site has many tests for books so that students can test their comprehension and practice test-taking skills. This is a free site and students can sign up on their own.
This site allows anyone to find out the level of difficulty for almost any book. Also, students can plug in their MAP lexile range and get a list of books that should be on their individual reading level.
Daily Grammar Lessons
440 lessons and 88 quizzes
Web English Teacher
Various lessons and activities
Interactive Online Grammar
This site offers both grammar skills and writing mechanics practices of 3 skill levels-- intermediate, advanced, ESL intermediate.
Text Content Analyzer
Analyze student text content using a free text analysis tool which gives you statistics about a text including word count, unique words, number of sentences, average words per sentence, lexical density, and the Gunning Fog readability index.
Online Writing: Passages and Prompts
Sample passage based prompts that students complete online. This is great practice for the new text-based TCAP Writing Assessment.
Online Writing: Instructional Resources
An extensive list of PowerPoint lessons, lessons in Word, and interactives
The Writer's Handbook
Many instructional materials developed by The Writing Center for teaching writing.
Writing Fix
The home of interactive writing prompts
The Perdue Online Writing Lab offers over 200 free resources.
Interactive Whiteboard
Interactive Starboard Activities
Interactive activities for StarBoard that are great for the classroom
English Worksheets Land
Tons of Language Arts Worksheets that are Common Core Aligned

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