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Joseph Wheeler is an ASL instructor at Carmel High School in Indiana. He is constantly developing instructional videos. They are excellent! He has his own YouTube channel, and also has an "ASL That!" Facebook page. Here are some samples of his videos:


Vocabulary Lessons (compatible with Master ASL!)



Wheeler does a lot of videos on multiple meaning signs, such as this one on GET/GOT:



Wheeler also has videos that focus on categories, such as Places Around the House:




Austin Andrews ("AWTI") is an interpreter and a CODA from Texas who is probably best known for his Deaf Ninja! videos. He does excellent videos in ASL and has started a Science series called "KnowThat?!" Here's an example video:


KnowThat?! How Heavy Are Clouds?



Here's one of his Deaf Ninja videos if you want to see what THAT'S all about:




Alex Abenchuchan is host of The Daily Moth which is a great ASL video "newspaper". Alex shares trending news and includes Deaf topics as well. At the end of some of his newscasts, he features a "Deaf Bing!" which are blurbs about tendencies that Deaf people have. There is a Facebook page and also a Youtube channel for The Daily Moth. Here's a sample video:


(From April 19, 2016 broadcast)



ASLized! has a variety of videos, some of which are stories translated into ASL that are great to watch. Here are some favorites of classics that every child should know:


The Tortoise and the Hare in American Sign Language


The Three Little Pigs



Goldilocks and the Three Bears in American Sign Language



The Giving Tree in American Sign Language




The Educational Resource Center on Deafness in Texas has a collection of books that are signed by Deaf persons, including Lisa Cochran. Here are some excellent samples:


ASL Storytelling of Heckedy Peg



ASL Storytelling of The Little Red Hen



ASL Storytelling of Love You Forever



ASL Storytelling of Snowy Day



ASL Storytelling of Knuffle Bunny



ASL Storytelling of Always in Trouble




Master ASL has a couple of fantastic holiday classics by Travis that can only be accessed through their Facebook page:


"'Twas the Night Before Christmas"



"The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"

(You have to search through their videos for this one as it won't allow a direct link, but it's worth it!)




The Accessible Materials Project out of Atlanta has a wonderful YouTube page with educational videos. This videos include sign language instruction videos, narratives by Deaf people, and literature classics translated into ASL. https://www.youtube.com/user/AMPresources/videos



ASL Tutorials, Dictionaries, and Stories

Sign dictionary including religious signs and idioms

ASL University
Online curriculum resource including dictionary - not a true university

Signing Savvy
Online dictionary, especially Geography

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